SCBWI Queensland heads up north

Queensland’s large geographical status means that very often SCBWI members from its widespread regions miss the contacts, networking and other opportunities those of us in southeast Queensland have.

To go some way to addressing this problem, I, as Assistant Regional Advisor, and support team member and author, Prue Mason, flew to Cairns recently to hold an informal meeting with our far north Queensland SCBWI members. Several even came some distance to attend – Port Douglas and Mena Creek, near Innisfail.


Thanks to the efforts of our SCBWI members in the region, Trudie Trewin, Ann Harth, Katrina Germein, Jacque Duffy and Kay Crabbe who passed on the information to other children’s writers and illustrators, a number of other interested writers turned up as well.

In north Queensland, SCBWI members are involved in writing picture books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and self-published e-books. It’s clear that, even though the tyranny of distance is real for them, all are enthusiastic about what they’re doing.

Of course, as what happens when ‘the tribe’ get together, we continued talking about writing over lunch on the tavern’s wide deck overlooking the sea.

All the best,  Sheryl Gwyther