Finding time to write… Guest post: Taryn Bashford, author

Finding time and place to write is sometimes half the battle when writing stories.  

So it’s a pleasure to welcome our guest blogger,  Taryn Bashford as she shares some of her experiences. Taryn is a member of SCBWI Qld and very enthusiastic about the world of children’s writing.

As writer’s we’re always looking for ways to help us get more writing time. We all have our strategies like blocking off ‘writing time’, turning off the phone, shutting down the email and so on. But if you’re like me, I find with my home office so close (yes, the day job), the washing machine just across the way, the dishes piling up, the fridge looking a bit empty, the beds needing changing – that it’s all too easy to get distracted or pulled away from your writing time.

This year I’ve tried something new and wanted to share it with you because it’s made a lot of difference. I’ve actually left the house. I take my laptop, notepads and so on and leave the house by 9am. Where do I go?

At first it was cafes and I know some of you might want to know how one concentrates there. Indeed, I did too. Until I tried it. I found I got so caught up in my novel, my mind feeling liberated and unencumbered and perhaps not subconsciously glancing at the washing pile that I felt like I was in a bubble and didn’t hear anything around me. I was very surprised at how easy it was to get lost in my novel and not be distracted by fellow coffee drinkers. 

However, as a final point, I actually found going to sports clubs, hotel coffee areas or holiday resort-style restaurants was even better. No one wondered why my pot of tea lasted for 2 hours as these places are used to people hanging out for a while. I even hang out with the holidaymakers at hotel swimming pools with my lap top and you really are invisible then.

Taryn Hall-Smith writes articles for the health market and is hoping to publish a middle grade novel called Believe under her pen name, Taryn Bashford. Visit her blog or website:


4 thoughts on “Finding time to write… Guest post: Taryn Bashford, author

  1. Thanks Taryn for sharing your experience. I agree the domestic distractions are many and have to move down the list so the real work can be done. I write on the beach –for me it is a great mind-clearing, creative zone! And my art studio is now in a building separate from the house so I can get a clearer focus on my work.

  2. Oh yes! I love writing in cafes, hotel lobies, hotel balconies, poolside, coffee shops. It’s fabulous and I produce so much work…. If only I had a full time sitter hehehe. So until my children can stay home alone, I guess I only get to write out occasionally or on holidays.
    Great post.

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