SCBWI Queensland member, Yvonne Mes talks about the support that beginning/emergent writers value … a specific writers’ group for those who want to write for young people (besides our fabulous organisation, SCBWI)

I recently joined SCWBI and am relatively new to writing for children. I realised quickly that having your stories critiqued can be a very valuable process to improve your writing, your stories and yes, dare I hope…one day getting published.

I am part of two critiquing groups online,  though they don’t solely focus on writing for children (you should check it out, I find it quite addictive) and a small offshoot of Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 forum . If you haven’t heard of that, you should check it out as well, though they are closed for registration by now.

The online critiques have been valuable but it would be great to see local writers come together to critique each other’s works as well as provide moral support in getting published in the Australian market. Maybe you know of an active Brisbane based critique group looking for new members? If so, please let me know.

A mix of new and more experienced writers would be great, and if you are an experienced or published writer, you can add ‘mentor’ to your resume as well as being reinvigorated by newbie enthusiasm.

I’m based in Brisbane and would welcome anyone to join me in finding a suitable place and time to meet and brainstorm some ideas for a successful critique group. Hopefully, someone with actual experience with critique groups would like to put their hand up as well.

If not, I am happy to give it a go. Or alternatively, if you live a little further afield, we could start an Australian SCWBI online critique group.

Yvonne Mes

 NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!



 SCBWI (Qld) has joined forces with BOOK LINKS (Qld) on their initiative to help set up a writing group for beginning/developing writers. As you know, there hasn’t been a local writing group (other than SCBWI Qld) catering for children’s writers in many years – so this is a great leap forward.

The first meeting will be on Saturday, the 6th April at 2pm – this get-together will be at the Queensland Writers Centre on Level 2 at the State Library. Subsequent meeting could be in a cafe chosen by writers. Let us know if you’re interested.



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