3. SCBWI Queensland

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (Queensland) branch is based in Brisbane, but with members reaching into the far north and west of his large state.

We hold member meetings here in Brisbane four times a year, with other events programmed as well. 

Our next meeting will be a regional visit to Cairns in North Queensland, in May 2012.

Current Management Team:

PRUE MASON – author

TINA MARIE CLARK – author/CYA Conference organiser and producer



Pam Rushby, Tina Marie Clark, Sheryl Gwyther, Helen Ross, Prue Mason


4 thoughts on “3. SCBWI Queensland

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  2. Hi my name is Dean carmichael. I have an idea for a family specific Christmas tale that I can distribute as gifts. I can write but am artistically challenged. Can u recommend anyone that would be interested in this kind of work. Approx 5 illustrations. Not expecting too much detail. Typical children’s Christmas tale style. Titled ” the little boy with poor spacial recognition “. My son now 20 is traditionally teased for his poor form in Xmas tree decorating My budget is $750 for illustration and $250 to get it together
    Do you think it’s possible
    Regards dean carmichael

  3. Hi, I have started a new children’s book and need some advice about writing, manuscripts & publication. I am a new in the area.

    Is there someone I could talk to?


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